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MBA in Management


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Managers are the ones ultimately responsible for the successful and efficient operation of organizations. In order to accomplish this, managers must have skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in such a role. They need to adequately manage human resources because, as the saying goes, every manager with subordinates is a human resource manager. They need to be adept in using leadership techniques and in strategic thinking. A strong moral compass is a prerequisite for any modern manager, and an ability to manage projects read into accounting reports, and use statistics to reduce uncertainty in business decision making.

The MBA in Management Concentration at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management aims to help potential students strengthen their understanding of the philosophy of management, develop analytical capabilities, and to help them become the managers they can be.

If you’re currently are pursuing or wish to embark on a career in human resource management, project management, e-business, or if you just want to develop your strategic and leadership skills, this concentration was designed for you. As part of this concentration, students will also take part in business simulations that aim to test their decision-making abilities and to help them understand the consequences of their decisions.


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