30 March 2022

Project "Hrvatska pamet Hrvatskoj"

Last week, a presentation of the socially responsible project of the Business Daily “Hrvatska pamet Hrvatskoj” was held, as well as the First Hour of the Paketomat category in cooperation with the Croatian Post.

As part of the project, undergraduate students of economics and management within the courses Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior will devise how to promote the innovative product of the Croatian Post, increase the number of its users and find optimal locations of Paketomat. In addition to ZSEM, the Polytechnic of Zagreb and the University of Algebra are also participating in the competition. In the next two months, students will be mentored on the project by mr.sc. Matea Hanžek, MBA and Matej Nakić, mag. psych., and will be available Krešimir Macan, director of one of the leading marketing agencies on the Croatian market – Manjgure.

Our professor and doctoral student Matea Hanžek commented on the initiative: “We decided on this project because it is great that students can transfer the knowledge they gain in theory with us in the hall, on a concrete ‘living’ example, so we actually thank Poslovni dnevnik on this occasion. It’s great for us to work with other higher education institutions, which is not often the case, so it’s great for us. ”

Read more about the whole event at: HereHere

See how it was at the presentation of the project in our photo gallery!

Photo by: Tomislav Miletić, Pixsell