Undergraduate study | 240 ECTS

Business Mathematics and Economics

ZSEM undergraduate study is a four-year study (240 ECTS points) with which the title of Bachelor of Economics and Management (Bacc. oec.) is obtained. The study is conducted exclusively in English.

Studying business mathematics and economics prepares students for a successful business career in today’s globalized world.

With intensive information technology and existing software, students acquire theoretical knowledge that provides a business-economic-mathematical-quantitative basis for successful work in Croatia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Students are prepared to work in banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions, administration, production, distribution, logistics, telecommunications, software, and other companies.


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students are employed within a year after completing their studies



The first two years of study are devoted to basic mathematical and economic subjects.

Students acquire theoretical knowledge through intensive use of information technology and existing software.

In the higher years of study, students learn to program mathematics algorithms independently to solve business practice problems. A Capstone course was also created in which students participate in developing projects and solving business cases using all the knowledge they have acquired until then. Through the intensive use of information technologies, students receive theoretical knowledge, learn to program mathematical algorithms independently to solve business practice problems, and thus deepen their expertise in financial mathematics and

Undergraduate students have the status of full-time students and exercise all student rights.


Entrance exam

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Individual approach

Students work in small groups, which enables an individual approach and guarantees a high quality of education. Through interactive assignments, projects, conferences and visits to companies, students have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for adaptation in the globalized business world and gain a comparative advantage on the labor market.

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Learn from the best

Students learn from world leaders, industry experts, top academics and business professionals who shape them into leaders capable of solving the most complex challenges.

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New technologies and practical knowledge

Through the intensive use of information technologies and software, students acquire theoretical knowledge, learn to independently program mathematical algorithms for solving problems in business practice, and thus deepen their knowledge in the direction of financial mathematics and optimization.

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Personalization of education is a key step towards developing a successful career. Students undergraduate studies at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management can choose between four concentrations. concentrations. Concentrations are packages of five elective courses, two of which are taught at in English and three in Croatian. Desired concentration of undergraduate studies students they can choose in the first year or postpone the choice until higher years of study.


In order to prepare students for success in a global business environment exposed to constant technological changes, the Career Center organizes a series of educational and practical workshops for career development. At the workshops, students learn how to properly write a resume and motivation letter, how to behave during a job interview, and learn about the other stages of the process in order to stand out as an ideal candidate.