Modern economic education is unattainable without a solid legal component, which is adapted to students’ needs and profile. The primary goal of teaching all subjects in legal disciplines is to provide an adequate, functional and adapted set of legal knowledge necessary for a young economist. For this reason, the Department of Law, within its courses, provides knowledge in the field of law relevant to the modern economist. The courses provide basic theoretical assumptions and place a strong emphasis on the practical application of legal expertise.



Jelena Cuveljak

Jelena Čuveljak, PhD

Head of department
Dora Lozo

Dora Šimunović, mag.iur.

Assistant of department

dr. iur. Božena Ramljak, LL.M.

Goran Vojković, PhD

Jadranka Osrečak, LLM

Ljerka Mintas-Hodak, PhD

Tomislav Sokol, PhD