Finance and Accounting

The Department of Finance and Accounting enables students to acquire theoretical and professional knowledge in finance and accounting. At the end of their studies, students are trained to work successfully in practice, ready to respond to the challenges that create a dynamic financial environment for a successful academic career. Financial institutions and individuals need well-prepared financial administrations and advisorscontinuous monitoring of current trends and knowledge of the connection between theoretical achievements and financial practice enables the broad application of acquired knowledge.



Zoran Barac

Zoran Barac, PhD

Head of department
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Luka Medvidović

Assistant of department

Ana Rauker, MBA

Andrej Bajić, MSc

Andrea Pavlović, PhD

Andrej Grubišić, PhD

Branka Remenarić, PhD

Denis Alajbeg, PhD

Dejan Gostimir, MSc

Dina Vasić, MBA

Hrvoje Štefančić, PhD

Ivan Čevizović, PhD

Ivan Šverko, PhD

Ivana Kenfelja, MBA

Iskra Kalođera-Schmiedecke, PhD

Jurica Vukas, PhD

Mato Njavro, PhD

Mladen Latković, MSc

dr. sc. Mario Varović

Paško Anić-Antić, PhD

Tomislav Bajic, CFA

Tomislav Kesić, MSc, CFA