Marketing and Tourism

The aim of the Department of Marketing and Tourism is to acquaint students with the terms, functions and factors of the marketing environment, as well as decision-making and problem-solving as part of the marketing strategy.

During their studies, students have the opportunity to create marketing plans for partner companies operating in Croatia, based on the example of real products and services. In addition, students gain their knowledge through solving business cases, writing papers, participating in computer simulations and acquiring all important components of the complex business environment in which companies operate today. Great attention is paid to students’ oral and written communication, but also to the development of critical and analytical thinking, the use of new technologies, the adoption of ethical values ​​and adaptation to teamwork.

Through numerous student projects, cooperation with companies such as Konzum, Badel 1862, Marodi and Franck has been achieved so far, and guest lectures have been given by numerous managers, such as those from Nestlé, L’Oreal, P&G, Adris Grupa and Atlantic Grupa.


Maja Martinović

Maja Martinović, PhD

Head of department

Ana-Marija Krakić, MA

Borna Jalšenjak, PhD

Carlos M.Rodriguez, PhD

Dominik Mahr, PhD

Elizabeta Ivančević Matuško, prof.

Hrvoje Maljak, PhD

Igor Matutinović, PhD

John Branch, PhD

Kristijan Krkač, PhD Matea Hanžek, MBA

Nikol Njavro, MBA

Predrag Haramija, PhD

Paul R. Murphy, PhD

Thomas Baker, PhD

Sunčica Žnidar, MA

Valentina Pirić, PhD

asst. prof. Zdravka Biočina, PhD

Martina Čaić, PhD