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Transfer from other faculties to ZSEM


The additional opportunities that ZSEM offers students open perspectives for a successful business career.

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management is the best-rated institution among private and public universities and faculties in economics, in addition to being among the top 5% of the best business schools in the world since 2013. With more than 160 partner universities and 34% of international students, many professional athletes, employed students, and even some developing their businesses, transfer students from other faculties, and many others have found their place under the ZŠEM sun.

Transfer from other faculties is possible throughout the academic year.

Are you studying at another university? Are you thinking about transferring to ZSEM?

The process is simple, and you can transfer anytime!

If you want to enroll as a transfer student at ZSEM, you need to send specific documentation to the email: anamarija.tabulov@zsem.hr

After we receive the Request, the committee will be convened. After the commission decides which courses to recognize, it determines which year the candidate would enroll and how much the cost of the courses the candidate would be.

Transfers from other faculties to ZSEM

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Necessary documentation

  • Request to transfer to the Zagreb School of Economics and Management
    • (word or pdf document). It is important that you provide your personal information (name, surname, date of birth, residential address, OIB) and indicate the course you are studying at and the course at ZŠEM to which you would like to transfer,
  • Transcript of grades
    • from the university where you are studying
  • Certificate of commission expenses paid
    • in the amount of 135 EUR


One of the teaching obligations of ZŠEM is the implementation of professional practice during undergraduate studies. The company where he wants to do an internship the student can find it personally or with the help of the Career Center. The educational goal of professional practice is to prepare and train students for situations of practical activity. Through student work, students become familiar with business trends and strategies, and acquire and apply new knowledge, professional skills, and work habits.