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Support system

Learn from the best. Lead the change.


ZSEM lecturers are often among the leading Croatian business and economic experts. Most of our lecturers have acquired at least one educational qualification abroad, most often in Western Europe or the USA. Many of our lecturers are successful business people who can pass on their experiences and practical knowledge to our students.

dekan dr.sc. Mato Njavro


ZSEM is a leading business school in Croatia regarding IT in class. Each course has its own „page“ which offers students and teachers option to grade one another. E-learning makes a big part in ZSEM’s education: 150 courses have been developed to function via LMS. ZSEM’s professors have published over 50 articles on the topic of e-learning – in conferences and publications all over the globe. This allowed us to quickly adapt to new circumstances during the 2020 pandemic.


World-class literature

The best economic and business administration literature is included in the tuition fee. Our students learn from the literature written by the world’s leading economic authors, used by some of the best universities worldwide. Thus, making an international exchange process a lot easier.

Studenti Zagrebačke škole ekonomije i managementa

Peer tutor classes

None of the students should lag behind their colleagues. Each course has its peer tutor – a student who teaches his or her selected course to other fellow students – individually or in groups. Peer tutors are excellent students helping students who experience difficulties in certain areas.

Studenti Zagrebačke škole ekonomije i managementa

SPOT mentorship program

Becoming a student in a new environment and a new city can be exciting but also challenging. This considers significant changes for many students and their parents, including moving and adapting to student life. Hence, ZSEM has developed a SPOT mentorship program (in Croatian, SPOT: Students help, guide, train). Each first-year student is appointed an older student mentor, who supports them and advises them about school and extracurricular activities.

Studenti Zagrebačke škole ekonomije i managementa

Academic integrity

ZSEM nurtures teamwork and practical work through many individual and group projects. We teach students academic honesty and integrity. Hence, every written student project is checked in PlagScan. PlagScan is a plagiarism detection software.

Studentica predidplomskog studija ekonomije i managementa na ZŠEM-u