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Graduate MBA program | 60 ECTS

Executive MBA concentrations

Modeled after some of the most successful programs in the world, the Executive MBA program is an interdisciplinary program that includes key courses from all graduate MBA programs at ZSEM.

Executive MBA concentrations are intended for professionals who want to develop skills and knowledge and offer a unique opportunity to study on weekends without neglecting professional and family obligations. Modeled on some of the most successful programs in the world, Executive MBA concentrations are an interdisciplinary program that includes vital courses from all graduate MBA programs at ZSEM. The program’s primary purpose is to provide students with top marketing, management, finance, and accounting classes through an exceptional combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. ZSEM lecturers are leading experts from Croatia and the world with outstanding scientific and research contributions.

Prospective students are offered two concentrations: Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA.

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The program stimulates thinking about current and future challenges in management and business. Students’ leadership skills are developed through multiple dimensions, including strategy development, business processes, organizational behavior, and running an ethical enterprise. Through a practical project carried out during the studies, students develop their skills and knowledge in their professional careers and contribute to their organizations in parallel. Students can lead any organization effectively after theoretical education and practicing the acquired skills in their organizations.

The main teaching methods include numerous simulations that allow students to develop analytical skills, test their decision-making skills, and observe the consequences of their actions. By improving their interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, students will also increase their social capital and expand their networks of experienced professionals.

Choose the Global Executive MBA concentration. You can participate in study trips in global business centers such as H-FARM College in Italy, Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Business School, New York City, and the Stevens Institute of Technology.

The target groups are professionals with a minimum of 3 years of experience and candidates of middle and high management level; the program is also suitable for heads of departments in state and government institutions and organizations and non-profit organizations that require an undergraduate degree (240 ECTS).

Global perspective

Global perspective

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