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Undergraduate studies


Below you will find a list of the necessary documentation for enrollment and taking the entrance exam.

1. Certificates of high school education and state matura certificate (original or copy)

  • Candidates without high school diplomas attach their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade certificates.
  • Candidates who have completed education in general, gymnasium, and art programs outside of Croatia are subject to the Education Agency’s decision to recognize foreign educational qualifications.

*high schools that are part of the regular education system of the Republic of Croatia (MIOC and 1st gymnasium in Varaždin) directly recognize high school and state matura grades, regardless of whether it is DM or IB

schools that are not in the regular education system of the Republic of Croatia (American International School of Zagreb and other schools, whether in the Republic of Croatia or abroad) and have passed the IB matura, their students must apply for recognition of the passed IB matura

2. Copy both sides of the ID card with a visible photograph of the candidate

3. Curriculum vitae

4. Confirmation of payment of costs for the entrance exam of EUR 20.00. The entrance exam price for non-EU students is EUR 25.00.

*(Privredna banka Zagreb, HR1523400091110073682)

The collected documentation must be sent to the email: upisi@zsem.hr

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