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Undergraduate studies


Personalization is the key to education!

Undergraduate Zagreb School of Economics and Management students can choose between four concentrations. Concentrations are packages of five elective courses, two taught in English and three in Croatian.

Personalization of education is a key step towards developing a successful career.

Students can choose the desired concentration of undergraduate studies in the first year or postpone the choice until higher years of study. At the undergraduate level, students can specialize in International Business, Marketing in the Digital Age and Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Financial Technology, and Sports Management.

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students are employed within a year of completing their studies


Mandatory professional internships, which the Career Center helps students find

In addition to theory, you will acquire applicable knowledge through real business challenges. The knowledge you will gain at ZŠEM goes beyond pre-defined academic areas, extending to several relevant and often interdisciplinary areas. A multidisciplinary approach will help you create solutions for the future and create a foundation for success in different areas.

Our students can choose one of four areas of interest already at the undergraduate level. All this is crucial in shaping individuals who will work in the jobs of the future, in the positions that will arise over the next 40 years. – Ph.D. Mato Njavro, dean

At ZŠEM, you learn from world leaders, industry experts, top academics, and business professionals who will shape you into a leader capable of solving the most complex challenges.

International Business

The concentration in international business prepares students for a successful international career. Internationally accredited business school with award-winning professors, business leaders and a developed network of alumni encourages a global way of thinking. Students will understand global business, international economics and multicultural environments and learn how to be a leader or team member.

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Marketing in the digital age and Artificial Intelligence

Marketing is imperative to any successful business strategy. Students learn how to use some of the most powerful digital tools and learn from real examples of marketing campaigns. The Marketing in the Digital Age and Artificial Intelligence concentration teaches students new skills, concepts and tools that will help them build competitive brands and execute successful digital marketing strategies.

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Finance and Financial technologies

This concentration prepares students for careers in the financial industry – one of the most significant and exciting global industries. Choosing this concentration brings you one step closer to becoming an ACCA qualified financial professional. ACCA is a global institution for professional accountants with a worldwide reputation for excellence and rigorous qualifications that are recognized around the world. Multinational companies around the world seek ACCA-trained professionals because they are qualified in strategic thinking, technical skills and professional values.

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Sports management

The sports industry dominates the media and the entertainment industry. In 2020, it was worth more than 500 billion dollars and continues to grow. This concentration gives you insight into the most successful business models in the global sports industry and is an excellent choice for professional athletes, former athletes or individuals who want to work in the sports industry.

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