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Short programs

International Winter School

Learn from the best. Lead the change.

All lectures received from professors with international experience at the best business school in Croatia.

Analyzing market changes and global trends, ZSEM has prepared popular and creative new courses for the International Winter School that are crucial in the current changing world. Students participating in the International Winter School program at ZSEM will have the opportunity to choose among a range of creative and popular topics in business from different fields whilst experiencing the magic of Zagreb. 

Our International Winter School program hosts students from all over the world who are interested in spending 2 or 4 weeks learning and experiencing academic excellence in beautiful Croatian Winterland. Apart from the in-class academic program, ZSEM’s International Winter School offers a variety of educational and fun field trips and activities, such as a trip to the National Park Plitvice Lakes, one-day ski trip to mount Medvednica, visit to Zagreb’s renowned Christmas Market and exciting company visits.

2 or 4

Week Program

Bachelor & Master

Courses in English

Study trips

National Park Plitvice Lakes, ski trip to mount Medvednica


ZSEM International Winter School Program offers courses on the bachelor and master levels of business administration. Students can choose one to two courses from the course list that are credited with 5 ECTS / 2.5 US credits. Students can choose to take courses either from the Winter School Term 1 or 2, or they can choose courses from both terms.

Winter School
  • Winter School Term 1 (January 2nd - 15th, 2023)
    Corporate Finance (5 ECTS)Tomislav Kesić, CFA
    Design Thinking (5 ECTS)Ivija Bernatović, MBA
    Digital Marketing (5 ECTS)Nikol Njavro, MBA
    Innovation Management (5 ECTS)Vitaliy Roud, PhD
    Data and decision making (5 ECTS)Vitaliy Roud, PhD
  • Winter School Term 2 (January 16th - 28th, 2023)
    International Business (5 ECTS)Goran Oblaković, PhD
    Business Communication and Storytelling (5 ECTS)Zdravka Biočina, PhD
    Operations Management (5 ECTS)Goran Oblaković, PhD
    Behavioural Economics (5 ECTS)Andrijana Mušura, PhD
    Leadership (5 ECTS)Borna Jalšenjak, PhD

Tuition Fee Overview

  • 1 course from the International Winter School course list (5 ECTS/2.5 US credits)
  • One day field trip to the National Park Plitvice Lakes
  • One day ski trip to mount Medvednica (ski resort Sljeme)
  • Moodle E-learning access
  • All study materials
  • Tuition Fee
    Regular Fee
    Early Bird Fee (for payments untilOctober 31st)
    Partners Fee (for students of ZSEMpartner Universities)
    International Winter School
    1.200 EUR
    1000 EUR
    900 EUR
    Additional Course
    550 EUR
    500 EUR
    400 EUR
  • Deadlines
    Early-bird application deadline
    Early-bird payment deadline
    Application deadline
    Payment deadline
    October 31st, 2022
    November 15th, 2022
    December 15th, 2022
    December 20th, 2022

International Winter School 2023