Graduate study


Tuition for the graduate MBA program: EUR 12,100

Additional costs of the Executive MBA program: EUR 2,400
*Additional fees apply for customized assignments, weekend classes and other special services.

Additional costs of the Global Executive MBA program: EUR 7,700
*Additional fee applies for programs in cooperation with partners in Italy, Luxembourg and Singapore.

Additional costs of the program with an additional diploma: 2,400 EUR
Additional cost of the pre-semester: EUR 2,200


ZŠEM has always encouraged the excellence and determination of our students, therefore a 5% discount is valid for candidates who decide to pay their tuition fees to a transaction account in full. In addition, candidates who are ZŠEM alumni receive a 10% discount and an additional discount due to a certain grade point average.

Candidates who apply for the MBA concentrations Management, Marketing, Tourism, Finance and Banking, Accounting, Auditing and Taxes, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management and Executive MBA, can obtain a tuition reduction in the following cases:

payment in one installment to ZŠEM giro account or student loan: 5%
ZŠEM alumni: 10%
average study grade 4.00 – 4.49: 5%
average study grade 4.50 – 5.00: 10%

* for candidates who have completed a four-year undergraduate study, the corresponding grade point average is relevant.
for candidates who have completed “3+2” or an integrated five-year study, a transcript of the grades of both studies is relevant, or integrated study.
If the candidate meets all the above conditions, he is entitled to a 25% lower tuition fee.