Alumni Ambassador program

Following the example of world business schools, ZSEM launched the ZSEM Alumni Ambassador program for all ZSEM alumni, especially those who live, study and/or work abroad.

We believe that you are happy to recall the experiences from the student benches and the experience of studying at ZSEM, which greatly influenced your professional development. Numerous alumni said that ZSEM played a key role in their career path and that with the help of professors and the many opportunities offered by ZSEM, they were given the possibility to embark on a path that previously seemed unattainable and shape their professional identity exactly the way they wanted.

We invite you to join the ZSEM Alumni Ambassador Program and to help us spread awareness about ZSEM outside Croatia. Through this program, you can:

  • to present ZSEM at fairs abroad
  • promote ZSEM through social networks
  • make new acquaintances
  • expand the network of existing contacts
  • develop their presentation, communication and organizational skills

As a ZSEM ambassador, you also receive numerous additional benefits, exclusive tickets to various events, programs and celebrations, and the opportunity to travel as a representative of ZSEM. If you want to contribute to the recognition of ZSEM in the world and share your study experience with others, join the ZSEM Alumni Ambassador program.