Tuition payment options

Method of payment

  • One-time

    a) by payment to the transaction account:

    PBZ HR1523400091110073682
    ZABA HR1023600001102049976
    ERSTE HR8024020061100583383
    RBA HR5824840081101220226
    OTP HR7924070001100493604

    b) Online payment with credit cards

    Debit and credit cards
    Cryptocurrencies via PayCek (Cryptocurrencies that can be used are Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Dai, EOS, Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USDC, USDT)
    With the AircashPay application
    With the Google Pay application

    *Cards that can be paid once: Visa, Premium Visa PBZ Card (ex: Amex);
    Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Discover, UnionPay International, others

    c) Through credit

  • Paying in installments

    Payment in installments is possible with the following cards:

    Visa (Debit) installment number: 2-12
    Maestro, installment number: 2-12
    Premium Visa, installment number: 2-12 (ex. AMEX)


    VISA (Debit, Credit, Business) installment number: 2-12
    MASTERCARD installment number: 2-12


    DINERS, installment number: 2 -12

  • Student loans

    The Zagreb School of Economics and Management has signed contracts with banks that offer students favorable loan repayment terms, which they repay after completing their studies. After completing the studies, the student can take a grace period of up to 12 months, and then start repaying the loan. A student loan is taken for a period of up to 10 years. Part of the documentation for the bank is the confirmation from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management that the right to study has been achieved. The said certificate is issued in the Student Service.

  • If the cost bearer is a legal entity

    Legal entity (company) – representative, i.e. the signatory of the legal entity, should come with the student on the day of enrollment to sign the addendum to the contract. When the bearer of the costs is a legal entity, the payment can be made once or in installments (maximum 3).

    The authorized signatory of the company should bring:

    • a copy of the registration from the Commercial Court
    • notification on the classification of the business entity according to the NKD from the State Bureau of Statistics
    • blank promissory note certified by a notary public


Payment to the transaction account – Payment information:
· RECEIVER: Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Ulica Filipa Vukasovića 1, 10 000 Zagreb
· MODEL: 00
· PURPOSE: e.g. Tuition for the academic year –/–, SURNAME AND FIRST NAME OF THE STUDENT

Instructions for online card payment:
 Card payment can be quickly done in just a few steps on the payzsem.com platform
 Choose the service you want to pay. If the amount is not fixed, enter the amount you are paying.
 You can continue to pay as a guest or create a user account.
 If you create an account, you can save cards for future payments, i
review all payments through the platform and many future benefits.
 After registration, enter the data in the fields about the user (Name, Surname, Social Security Number, Address)
and continue to enter card information.
 Note: If your credit card allows payment in installments,
after entering the credit card number, you will be offered the option to choose the installment number
with which you can make the payment.
 To make the payment easily, you must use a newer Internet browser version
and report the cost to your card company.

 Card payment can be made under the same conditions and with the personal arrival of the card owner
to our premises with prior notice (+385 98 274910 or racunovodstvo@zsem.hr)

Payment is made exclusively by the cardholder.
The cardholder must notify the card company of the cost before arrival.
 through credit – contact e-mail referada@zsem.hr before enrollment for confirmation
, which is required to issue a loan

Note: discount is not granted for card payment