MBA in Supply Chain Management


Internships abroad

ZSEM provides the opportunity to do student internships abroad, which makes each student a competitive advantage. Internship programs usually last from two months to even a year and are excellent preparation for a future career. They are fully adapted to final year students, graduates and graduates as their first work experience and provide numerous opportunities for professional development. The Career Center opens numerous opportunities for students, offers internships abroad, consultations and workshops.

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HigherEd platforma

Students also have the opportunity to follow the offer of professional internships and internships abroad through the HigherEd platform. Students can solve an online test and get an extensive assessment through the platform, which most companies use as a tool for assessing a potential employee. See an example of the report in the following slide.

Higher Ed
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Example HigherEd report

Higher Ed report


One of the teaching obligations of ZSEM is the implementation of professional practice during a four-year study. The student can find the company in which he wants to do an internship in person or with the help of the Career Center of ZSEM. The educational goal of professional practice is to prepare and train students for situations of practical action. Students get acquainted with trends and business strategy through student work and acquire and apply new knowledge, professional skills, and work habits.

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