7 December 2017

Business Mathematics in Entrepreneurship

Within the framework of the “Night of Mathematics” event which is being held in kindergartens, schools and universities all across Croatia, the workshop “Business mathematics in Entrepreneurship” which is organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) and the Croatian Employers’ Association will take place on Thursday, 07.12.2017 from 6-8 pm at Radnička 52/1 (Green Gold), 10000 Zagreb.

It is every company’s goal to do business  in an efficient and effective way. On the part of effectiveness companies want to maximize the level of services that they offer to their customers, all while minimizing total costs of the processes. How to handle this trade-off between those two conflicting goals and outdo competitors? Can mathematical methods help solve this issue?

This workshop will provide answers to these questions and is intended for High School students, university students and employers. Its objective is to create an encounter between the academic and business community, through knowledge sharing, as well as promoting entrepreneurship.

The following activities are planned:

  • Presenting the possibilities of using mathematical methods in process optimization
  • Presenting mathematical tools which are being used to solve problems in the optimization of supply management
  • Solving problems which arose in past optimization problems in Croatian business practice
  • Discussion and Socializing

For more information and to apply please email professor Kristina Šorić, PhD, head of the undergraduate program “Business Mathematics and Economics” and the MBA program “Supply Chain Management” at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, at ksoric@zsem.hr.