5 April 2022

Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska

“Better education, better Croatia” is the first and largest conference on education, which brings together all interest groups related to education from ministries, embassies, eminent scientists and professors to students.

In the panel “Revolution in Departments: Are Colleges Factories or Leaders of Innovation?” held at the conference with representatives from the Technical Polytechnic of Zagreb, the University of Rijeka, the Faculty of Agrobiotechnology in Osijek, the Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Ministry of Science and Education and our vice-dean of the MBA graduate program, Assoc. dr. sc. Maja Martinović.

Vice-dean Martinović commented on the fragmentation of education, which is the most important thing for students today, and explained the position of the public in relation to the private university, ie the polytechnic.

You can see more about the conference, topics and conclusions here.