Borna Jalšenjak, PhD


Borna Jalšenjak, PhD, is a leadership and business ethics professor at Zagreb School of Economics and Management and Luxembourg School of Business in Luxembourg. He also serves as an invited faculty member at St. Ambrose University in the United States and the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

His research interests are in business ethics and CSR and the cross-section between leadership (especially theories of motivation) and philosophy (primarily philosophical anthropology and ethics). Besides teaching and research, he is dedicated to his coaching practice and applying knowledge to real-life business problems. Jalšenjak, PhD has a master’s degree in philosophy and religious studies from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Croatia and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Zagreb. He has taken professional development programs at IESE Business School in Spain and has finished the ICF-certified coach training at Erickson Coaching International in Canada.

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