MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Graduate MBA Program I 60 ECTS

MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Events


Why Tourism, Hospitality and Events?

Considering the significant contribution of tourism, hospitality, and consequently events to the world’s economy, considerable social impacts, and vast employment opportunities that tourism provides, it comes as no surprise that careers in tourism are becoming more attractive, especially in tourism-centric countries as Croatia.

MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Events concentration

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Careers in Tourism

Career opportunities in tourism, hospitality, and events are extremely diverse. They can range from careers related to the hospitality industry (hotel marketing and management), destination marketing (research, branding, advertising, public relations), destination management (tourism master planning, strategic planning, tourism destination development), event management, consulting, international organizations, etc.

MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Events concentration

Key elements of the program

  • Why choose MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Events?

    If you want to make a career in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events (or enhance your current practice if you are already working there), this MBA concentration is for you. We ensure that the program gives you access to marketing and management materials, strategic knowledge, and purposeful and appropriate experts. Our unique program heightens your capacity to interface with the multi-faceted components that the tourism and business event environment and its clients and suppliers require. As part of the degree, you will apply your practical work experience to ensure the theory, the strategic models, and the examples we work with really make sense for your professional future.

  • Key elements of the program
    • A comprehensive vision of the industry of tourism, hospitality, and the events business, expanding your knowledge of key elements and processes that will enable you to organize different types of events, with particular emphasis on developing strategic management, marketing, and communication skills.
    • Practical orientation and constant contact with the sector through specialized lecturers with real experience in the industry, site visits to essential events, tourism attractions, and hotels, and the possibility of professional internships in companies related to the tourism business and events (both domestic and international).
    • The development of management skills for you to know and understand the current environment, trends, and risks to help you expand your professional horizons in the tourism, hospitality, and events field.
  • Careers in Tourism
    • Festival Director
    • Conference Centre Manager
    • Tourism Development Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Hotel Manager
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Tourism Attraction Manager
    • Events Manager
    • Visitor Experience Consultant
    • Airport Manager
    • Tourism Agency Manager
    • Ticketing Manager
    • Airline Operations Manager

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Tourism, Hospitality and Events


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