Italy, Padova

University of Padova

Bachelor, MBA

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The University of Padova was established in 1222, after a group of students and teachers decided to come here from Bologna.

Padova also vaunts the world’s first university botanical garden and a permanent anatomical theatre. During the post-war period, the University opened faculties of Education, Agricultural Sciences, and Psychology and, in the 1990s, faculties of Veterinary Medicine, and Economics and Business Administration.

The Country

Italy is a country in Southern Europe. It is acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture. Not surprisingly, it is also home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. High art and monuments are to be found everywhere around the country. It is also famous worldwide for its delicious cuisine, its trendy fashion industry, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, diverse regional cultures and dialects, as well as for its beautiful coast, alpine lakes and mountain ranges (the Alps and Apennines). No wonder it is often nicknamed the Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country). Two independent mini-states are surrounded entirely by Italy: San Marino

and Vatican City. While technically not part of the European Union, both of these states are also part of the Schengen Area and the European Monetary Union (EMU). Apart from different police uniforms, there is no evident transition from these states and Italy’s territory, and the currency is the same. Italian is also the official language in both countries.

The City

Padova is a city and comune inVeneto, northern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Padua and the economic and communications hub of the area.

Padua’s population is 214,000. The city is sometimes included, with Venice and Treviso, in the Padua-Treviso- Venice Metropolitan Area, having a population of c. 1,600,000. The city is picturesque, with a dense network of arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze, and many bridges crossing the various branches of theBacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls like a moat. Padua experiences a humid subtropical climate characteristic of Northern Italy, modified by the nearby Adriatic Sea.

Student Life

The Padova city and region website Comune di Padova provides up to date listings of all sorts of cultural events, places, exhibitions, concerts and all necessary information concerning the city and the surrounding area.

Estimated Expenses

Rough Expense Comparison

Semester at University of Turin

Semester at ZSEM

Health Insurance


212 EUR


287 EUR

450 EUR


28 EUR

27 EUR


177 EUR

100 EUR




16 EUR

38 EUR


*per month


ESU provides accommodation for about 1600 students from outside Padova in its 14 halls of residence, which are situated in the city centre or near to the university buildings. Four university guesthouses are also available for short term stays.

Travel Opportunities

Italy is known as the “Bel Paese” and it is a truly beautiful country that creates lasting memories for everyone who visits it. There is so much to see from the famous cities to the many beautiful villages, from the beaches and the countryside to the mountain regions and the lakes. It is impossible to mention all there is to see in Italy since each region has so much to discover and explore, each beautiful in a very different way.