Ukraine, Odessa

Odessa National Economic University

Bachelor, MBA

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Odessa National Economic University (ONEU) was founded in 1921 as Odessa Institute of
National Economy. Today ONEU is one of the leading higher schools of Ukraine in economic sphere.

ONEU trains highly qualified economists (bachelors, specialists and masters) in different directions and specialties, and also gives an opportunity for further training – postgraduate study and doctoral studies. Last year more than 1700 specialists from 60 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have undertaken studies at the university. Many of
them, after teaching in post-graduate study and successful defending of dissertations hold leading positions at their countries. Currently more than 5 000 ukrainian and 210 foreign students from 22 countries (including Ecuador) are studying at the university.

The Country

Ukraine is situated in the central part of Eastern Europe, on the crossroads of major transportation routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian states to the Mediterranean region. It borders on Russia in the east, Belorussia in the north, Poland,
Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the west and is washed by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea in the south. Ukraine is considered to be the 44th largest country in the world and the second-largest country by area in Europe after the Russian Federation with an area of about 603,700 square kilometers. It is one of the world’s most important mineral producing countries, in terms of both the range and size of its reserves. Also Ukraine is a top 10 world producer of several crops such as wheat and corn and one of nine countries with a full cycle of aerospace hardware engineering and production.

The City

Odessa is Ukraine’s most wonderful city. Anyone who argues otherwise has never been to
Odessa, has never strolled its captivating streets nor broken bread with its jovial citizens.
Although Odessa has been a sun, surf and relaxation destination for as long as anyone can
remember, the city has really caught the buzz as of late. New restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts keep popping up to meet the demand of enthused tourists and adventurers drawn by this fascinating cultural centre nestled right up next to the beach. Its shady streets, gorgeous buildings and pleasant squares give the city a certain manner of closeness and understanding. Odessa is simply charming with its stunning architecture. Odessa is beautifully situated on green rolling hills, overlooking a small picturesque harbor.


Odessa National Economic University provides foreign students of any form of education with
room in students` hostel (for 2-3 persons) located in the centre of the city within the all studying period. At will, the students can rent an apartment on their own.

Travel opportunities

Places, which you need to see:

  • The Odessa National Academic
    Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the
    oldest theatre in Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra – this
    monastery made Kyiv the “Rome” of
    Orthodox Christianity and continues
    to attract pilgrims from around the
    world. Its territory of 28ha contains
    not only churches, towers and an
    underground cave system, but also some of Kyiv’s most interesting museums.
  • The Carpathian mountains – it is ideal for summer holidays walking, riding, mountain
    climbing, exploring.
  • Poltava region – it is possible to go through Gogol places and see Dickanka, Sorochintsy.
  • Lviv is the cultural capital of Ukraine.
  • Khortytsia island – there the Ukrainian Cossack`s Organisation was born.
    (Please, attach picture “Theatre”)