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Frankfurt School of Finance Management

Bachelor, MBA

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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

They have 86 regional education centres throughout Germany and various joint ventures and programs abroad. Frankfurt School of Finance & management offers top class degree courses and continuing education options in seven different program divisions. They maintain four specialist research centres and run numerous international consulting projects. All educational, research and consulting activities are focused on finance and management. By finance, they mean cross-functional financial activities at all companies that deal with financial management. And by management, they mean classical corporate leadership, where managers deploy employees and resources in such a way that the company’s goals are met as cost-effectively as possible. . If you are interested in this university please click here to watch a promotional video on the school. To see more videos from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management click here to visit their YouTube channel. To learn more about their university click here to read the University sponsored blog.

The Country

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe. The country consists of 16 states and its capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 square kilometers and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With 80.6 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state in the European Union. Germany is the major economic and political power of the European continent and a historic leader in many cultural, theoretical and technical fields. Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the fifth-largest by purchasing power parity. As a global leader in several industrial and technological sectors, it is the second-largest exporter and third-largest importer of goods. It is a developed country with a very high standard of living, featuring comprehensive social security that includes the world’s oldest universal health care system.

The City

Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth- largest city in Germany. The actual urban area has a population of 2,500,000. The city is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, which has a population of 5,600,000 and is Germany’s second-largest metropolitan region. Since the enlargement of the European Union in 2013, the geographic centre of the EU is about 40 km east of Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the largest financial centre in continental Europe and ranks among the world’s leading financial centres. The European Central Bank is the central bank of the eurozone, consisting of 18 EU member states that have adopted the euro (€) as their common currency and sole legal tender. In 2010, 63 national and 152 international banks had their registered offices in Frankfurt, including the headquarters of the major German banks, notably Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DZ Bank and KfW, as well as 41 representative offices of international banks.


New student accommodation is situated in Frankfurt-Nordend, next to the future campus, close to the German National Library and only a few minutes’ walk from two underground lines. Their current campus is also easily accessible: by public transport the journey takes only 10 to 15 minutes. The other student accommodations are located right in the city centre of Offenbach just a few kilometers to the east of Frankfurt. It is only a five minute walk to get to the S-Bahn Station “Marktplatz” which is four stops away from Frankfurt School (10 min), trains run frequently.

Travel Opportunities

Monuments to see in Frankfurt:

  • Römerberg is the old centre of Frankfurt, with a number of historic buildings dating to the 14th and 15th century (many of which, unfortunately, were destroyed during World War II and rebuilt afterwards). The Römer itself is the town hall of Frankfurt. Next to the cathedral, at the Archäologische Garten, you can see the remains of the Roman settlements that gave this place its name.
  • Dom is the main cathedral, built in Gothic style in the 14th century on the foundation of an earlier church. From 1562 to 1792, emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned in the cathedral. It is possible to ascend the spiral stairs of the 95 metre church tower.
  • Alte Oper is a Renaissance Opera Building in the center of the city, on a busy square with fountains and cafés. Originally opened in 1880, it is not used for operas any more since the rebuilding after the war, but for concerts, congresses, and similar “fancy” events.