23 March 2017

Zagreb's Festival of Lights


Laura Salgado García is a Spanish girl who was born and lives in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Laura is studying business administration, she chose a year ago that she would like to study the third year of her degree abroad and that is the reason to be a current Erasmus student in Croatia. She decided to live this wonderful experience in Croatia thanks to the recommendations of one friend, and now she wants to inform new students through her blog about the opportunities that Croatia offers.


The video above was made by me. I hope you like it and it encourages you to go next year.

Zagreb is, definitely, a city full of life. Within the last few years, there have been opened a wide variety of restaurants, discotheques, shops etc. It is a city in which I have found, to my surprise, so many cultural and leisure activities of different kinds that keep taking place nonstop throughout the year. Actually, you evn can say that almost every single day there is something new going on at this city: it is impossible to get bored in Zagreb!

An example of this is the Festival of Lights, whose first edition has taken place recently. It is a festival in which care has been taken to the smallest detail to result in an experience to remember. The festival was delevoped around seven points of the city, and at each point there was a decoration of different lights of great originality.

At the tunnel called Grič, there was a decoration of trees with lights that maked up a forest. The lights changed according to the tone and rythm of the music that was been played alongside with the lights, up to 5 different combinations of melodies and lights! In this line of combination of music and lights, I even found a few rays of light that when you surpassed them with the hand, they began to play different melodies, like a musical organ. We could also find beams of light to skive, decorations of cones and balls that changed their colors, etc. But the main elements of the festival were without a doubt the spectacle of lights drawing different figures at the main buildings of the old town. It was superb to see this incredible set of lights and music projected over the cathedral, as well as an special show in which different styles of buildings were projected and simulated, using the power of lights, over a real building, playing with different effects.  The festival was so well received by the inhabitants of Zagreb, the streets were filled with people who went out to see this new activity with great expectations and the result was a great satisfaction, since it was a very complete, modern and beautiful activity comparable to other great similar festivals from other cities like Berlin or Barcelona.