11 April 2017

Why I returned to Croatia - Interview with Sara Čuljak


T.E.: Where did you live prior to moving to Croatia?
Sara Čuljak: I lived in New Zealand.
T.E.: How long?
Sara Čuljak: I lived there for 7 years, until October 2016.
T.E.: Why did you decide to return to Croatia?
Sara Čuljak: I decided to move back  because I wanted to experience something new, and more importantly, so I could be closer to my family.
T.E.: What did you miss the most about Croatia?
Sara Čuljak: The landscape – we have the most beautiful coastline in the world!
T.E.: How do you feel being back (coming back to family roots)? 
Sara Čuljak: I feel very happy coming back, it’s nice to actually experience day to day life here rather than just the usual vacation.
T.E.: Which place do you consider „home“ and why? 
Sara Čuljak: I don’t have one place I consider home but rather multiple because I have several places dear to my heart. Croatia is definitely one of them.
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T.E.: Has growing up in New Zealand influenced you in terms of your life in Croatia now?
Sara Čuljak: It has. In New Zealand we have a large Croatian diaspora, as well as diaspora from other former Yugoslav countries. They helped me understand the culture better so it made the adjustment easier. The diversity of New Zealand also helped me become more mindful and open to experiences in Croatia that I otherwise was not accustomed to.
T.E.: What is the best thing about being back in Croatia? 
Sara Čuljak: It’s hard to pick one, but I think my top 3 things would be the food, the music and the sights to see. There is so much to explore, both in the country and around it.
T.E.: Would you recommend to others to come back and why?
 Sara Čuljak: I definitely would! I think it is a great opportunity to reconnect with your roots and really immerse yourself fully into the culture.
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