2 May 2019

Creativity + Music

09:00 Welcome coffee for speakers, social media interviews and registration

10:00 Intro of ZSEM and ties to the themes of Creativity (Tina) Music (Ivanka R. and student to play violin)

10:10 Dynamic Panel (5 minutes of intros with short visual for each speaker where they talk about their combination of music and creativity applied)

10:30 Summary and Cross Interaction of Panel (panelists assigned to ask one other person on panel a question)

10:45 Setting Creative Agenda for Future Developments in ourselves, our organizations and communities

11:00 Networking for Future of Creativity + Music (Challenge given to audience and panelists form groups and have time to cross pollinate ideas and opportunities)

11:30 Reporting of mixed audience teams on takeaways for action on themes

12:00 Closing Statements and Announcement of Next Theme in Creativity + Series

Optional lunch for speakers in school cantina, social media interviews continue if not completed.