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MBA student experiences

Maja Čehulić

Maja Čehulić, Chief of Account Management from Grizli Communications, decided to improve her education in the Executive MBA program of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, where she recently successfully graduated. “I would recommend enrolling in MBA studies to anyone who wants to develop and advance their career, whether through a corporation, entrepreneurship or through public companies and organizations. Personally, as a participant in the MBA program, I gained practical knowledge in the field of economics, management, finance and business development, which raised the level of my competencies, but also the value in the labor market. "

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Antonio Peruško

Antonio Peruško, who also attended the undergraduate program at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, is currently completing the Graduate MBA program in finance and banking, and after completing the graduate MBA program he sees his career in the financial sector. In June, Antonio is going on a study trip to New York where he will listen to lectures by experts from the Stevens Institute of Technology and visit Wall Street, which, he says, is the goal of every student of finance and banking MBA program, including him.

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Dinko Jurišić

Dinko Jurišić, who currently holds the position of franchise manager for Croatia, Slovenia and the Baltics at PepsiCo, has decided to improve his knowledge through the Executive MBA program. "MBA program of ZSEM provides an excellent combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of lecturers and provides a safe space for testing marginal ideas and considerations for which in a real business environment is limited room for maneuver. Concrete knowledge is immediately applicable. An excellent, but not the only example of the above is the course Management of Change by Professor Bruno Filipio. "


Lucia Kulušić

Lucija Kulušić is a graduate MBA student at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. Lucija also attended undergraduate studies at ZSEM and went on a student exchange where she spent a semester at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, which was then the 11th best university in the world according to the Times ranking. “Grades at Nanyang Technological University were formed according to the Gaussian curve and I have to admit that this discouraged me a bit at first. When I spent some time with these students and when the final grades came, I realized that these are not any students with superpowers as I perceived them at the time they informed us about the way of grading. The realization that you are globally competitive is invaluable for an individual's self-confidence and independence - so I think everyone should go on a student exchange during their studies” says Lucija about her student exchange.

Lucia Kulušić
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Damir Brešković, Global Executive MBA

“After many years of engineering work in the telecommunications industry, I considered it necessary to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of management. Based on my own research, and taking into account all the achievements and accreditations gained, I chose ZSEM. Compared to the classical Executive MBA program, ZSEM's Global Executive MBA also adds an international component to the program. This component includes combined lectures by professors from ZSEM and H-Farm College from Italy, as partner institutions in the program.

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Luka Lučić, Global Executive MBA

“As a consultant, I am always looking for new ways how to look at business problems, as well as how to improve my business efficiency. ZSEM's Global Executive MBA program has helped me to achieve much more than that. The professors are top notch, and the weekend format and numerous study trips are providing an opportunity to connect meaningfully with study colleagues. Most importantly, after studying in the GEMBA program, I feel more ready for new market changes. ”