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Student life & Accomodation

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  • Health and Well Being

    In case you need to see a doctor during your stay in Croatia, you can go to:

    Health Center Zagreb West – Prilaz baruna Filipovića 11 (5 minutes away from ZSEM by foot)

    In close proximity to ZSEM are 2 hospitals and emergency centers: clinical hospital “Sisters of Charity”, Vinogradska cesta 29 and clinical hospital “Sveti Duh / St. Spirit”, Ulica Sveti Duh 64.

    For specialized doctors (dentist, orthopedist, dermatologist, psychologist, etc.) please contact your Incoming Coordinator.

    ZSEM has its own Sports Association where you can play basketball, volleyball, small football, squash, and tennis. To apply, please contact sport@zsem.hr

    There is a sports center on the ground floor of the campus “Body & Mind Sports Performance Center”.

    If you want to get active on your own, you can use many of Zagreb’s recreational areas: park Maksimir – where you can go for a walk or for a run (a running club “Trčaona” organizes running schools in the park), mount Medvednica is great if you like to hike or ski, lake Bundek and lake Jarun are great for biking or rollerblading, swimming pool Svetice, etc.

    You can also visit the following gyms, sports, and dance centers: Gyms4You, PlayFitness, Mofit, Sports Center Concordia,  Fothia Bouldering/Climbing club, Zagreb Dance Centre, Escape, Salsa De Fuego – Latin and Ballroom Dances, Divya Yoga Center.

    If you want to engage in religious and spiritual practice, there is a Catholic church “St. Anthony of Padua” near the campus.

  • Student benefits cards

    EU students have the right to obtain a student X-card. A student X-card is a Croatian student benefits card that offers discounts in student restaurants, cinemas, buses, etc. The card costs 7EUR to make. To get it please contact your Incoming coordinator.

    Here you can see a list of student restaurants that you can go to with your X-card, with their addresses and working hours.

    You can also get an ESN card from the Erasmus Student Network. To get it please go to Ulica kralja Zvonimira 8.

    Students that are not from the EU can get an ISIC card. You can get it at:: Student Center Zagreb –Savska cesta 25, next to Student job center (the card is done in 5 minutes)

  • Public Transport Pass (ZET card)

    In order to use Zagreb’s public transport services – tram and bus, you need to obtain your ZET card. The cost of the student ZET card is 17.26 EUR,  3.98 EUR to create the card + 13,27 EUR to charge it monthly

    To make your ZET card please go to Ozaljska street 105 (Tram station Ljubljanica) – Cashier 11. Working hours from 7.30 to 15h.

    You can recharge it monthly at any newsstand/shop TISAK in Zagreb.

    To create the ZET card please bring with yourself:

    • Filled ZET Application Form (must be signed by your Incoming coordinator and stamped by the Faculty)
    • One ID picture
    • Proof that you are a student at ZSEM
    • Your passport/ID
  • Buddy program

    At ZSEM we have developed a buddy program to help you integrate. As soon as you send all the documentation and receive your Letter of Acceptance, you will be assigned a buddy who you can ask anything you need to know about studying at ZSEM or generally life in Zagreb and Croatia. Where is the nearest pharmacy? How to buy a Croatian SIM card? Which phone company is the cheapest? All these questions a buddy can help you answer.

  • Culture in Zagreb

    The Croatian culture has its own distinct flavor which comes from its rich historical background and geographical conditions. The country has been influenced by many cultures and it is quite evident from the monuments and historical relics. Art lovers will love Zagreb for its numerous festivals  – film, theatre, music, dance, animation, you name it. Some of the most famous festivals are: Zagreb’s traditional Christmas market (3 times in a row announced the best Christmas market in Europe), Festival of LightsWelcome Spring FestivalZagreb Dox (documentary film festival), Festival of ToleranceAnimaFest (festival of animated movies), World Theatre FestivalDvorištaInMusic FestivalUltra Europe in Split, Sonus festival and many other festivals on the island Pag. Zagreb is the city that gave birth to some of the most innovative museums in the world, such as the Museum of Broken RelationshipsMuseum of Illusions and Museum of War Photography. Croatia is also home of Naive art and Zagreb is home to the world’s first Naive Art MuseumHere are some cultural attractions worth seeing.

  • Shopping

    Zagreb’s city center is the main shopping district with many small boutiques offering local hand-made products, as well as big multinational stores, such as Muller, Zara, H&M, etc. Zagreb also has more than 10 shopping centers spread throughout the whole city, where you can find everything you need during your stay here – Arena Centar, City Center East, City Center West, Avenue Mall, etc.

    Many Croatians, as well as our international students, instead of going to large supermarkets, prefer to buy fresh locally sourced groceries on the farmers market Dolac, which is located in the very center of the city and open every day.

  • Traveling

    ZSEM’s location in the heart of Croatia gives studying at ZSEM yet another advantage since Zagreb is located just a few hours from popular European cities like Vienna, Milan, Budapest, and Munich. These cities, as well as Croatia’s natural beauties like Dubrovnik, the Plitvice Lakes National Park and its over 1,000 islands, are easily accessible by plane, train, bus/car or ferry. In our experience students, while studying at ZSEM, mostly visit Plitvice Lakes National Park (most popular destination), Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Mostar, and Belgrade.

  • Extracurricular activities
    ZSEM’s International Office organizes many extracurricular activities so that the students can get to know each other and socialize. It organizes trips, museum visits, festival visits, bowling, etc. To participate in these activities please contact your Incoming Coordinator.
    ESN Zagreb also organizes many social activities for all international students in the city of Zagreb. To participate in these activities, please follow them on social media.
  • Accommodation

    Admission to the ZSEM does not include accommodation. It is up to the student to find it, but we will provide you with some guidance and help. Student residences and dorms are, unfortunately, not available but we work very closely together with 2 agencies which helps our students find the right accommodation.

    Apartments for rent are usually available within the range of 320 to 700 EUR monthly, depending on the conditions of the apartment, and location. (Utility expenses are usually not included in the rent).

    We will as well connect you with some of our students (buddies) that would provide you some assistance and feedback, and with some other students from abroad that are looking for accommodation like you.

    We recommend searching for an apartment in Zagreb West. The following neighborhoods are close to ZSEM: Črnomerec, Kustošija, Trešnjevka, Centar, Lower Town, Tuškanac.

    From ZSEM you can get in 15 minutes to the main square and the city center by taking trams number 11 or 6.

    Accommodation and tours for exchange student’s families:
    Is your family coming to Croatia to visit you? This information could be useful for them.