Erasmus + Sport MLEA

Project partners

The Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) is leading an international Erasmus curriculum development project, i.e. an educational program for professional athletes and former athletes, which will enable them new business careers after finishing sports. In addition to ZSEM as a leader, the project consortium consists of the Olympic Committees of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Institute of Sports in Slovenia and two elite universities - Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden. Otto Beisheim School of Management & Euromasters, whose master's program in management was ranked among the three best in the world by the prestigious Financial Times magazine.

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About the project

The MLEA (Micro Learning Entrepreneurship for Athletes) project will enable the development of specialized, tailor made programs for current and former athletes in the region to acquire the necessary business knowledge and skills to facilitate the transition from sports to business and entrepreneurial careers. The emphasis of the program will therefore, be on the development of entrepreneurial and business skills and the project is specific in that it will include elements of gamification and micro-learning methodology.

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