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KEDGE Business School & ZSEM

Join the International Master program at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux, France.

KEDGE Business School

A first-class Business School accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. The School has six campuses: Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Shanghai and Suzhou. To fulfill its objective of creating a new global school, KEDGE Business School has devised an innovative strategy and organization. Its strategy is based on the pursuit of three main missions: create, share and care. KEDGE BS is already the largest Business School in France. It has 273 international partners worldwide and nearly 41% of faculty is foreign-born.

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Fall Semester



Spring Semester







The additional degree program is only for students who are enrolled in the Graduate MBA Program here at ZSEM. The fall semesters will be spent in ZSEM, the spring semester at KEDGE BS and third-semester students make to do an internship. Upon successful completion of the course of studies, the degree-seeking students will receive the EBP International degree at the Master’s level from KEDGE BS and General MBA from ZSEM.

Specializations at KEDGE Business School:
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (English)
  • Finance (English)
  • Global Management (English)
  • Marketing (French, English)

KEDGE Business School has 10 available places for ZSEM students per year.

The program fee for the program is 2.400,00 euro.

For any additional information please contact as at 

Student Life at KEDGE

  • Student Life

    The Interact student association supports the International Student Office in facilitating the
    integration of international students at KEDGE BS throughout the year by organizing events and
    providing support to the Students. An active extra-curricular calendar is one of the hallmarks of
    KEDGE Business School. Students participate in student associations, develop projects and
    become involved in activities such as marketing, the Stock Exchange, international activities, and

  • Accommodation

    Students are eligible to register for on-campus housing or are given assistance in finding off-campus accommodation. KEDGE Business School offers rooms in 2 main residences: Alotra and
    Estudines Luminy. Rooms in residences need to be reserved directly through the Housing
    department itself. Spaces in residences are very limited, especially for the fall semester, so they
    recommend students to look also for off-campus accommodation. KEDGE Business School
    offers international students the possibility to find an apartment through the KEDGE Immo student
    association and students are invited to join the “Kedge Immo Marseille” Facebook group. You
    may also contact the Housing department:

  • Travel Opportunities

    France has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for over twenty years. It has beautiful beaches, high mountains, the finest historic monuments, magnificent castles, and many more. You should definitely visit Paris, the capital and most populous city of France. Paris is three and a half-hour away from Marseille by train and the Palace of Versailles is located just 20 km away from the capital. While studying in Marseille you can go on short weekend city breaks in places such as Nice, Monaco, Cannes or St Tropez. The French Riviera has some very attractive towns to visit, each with its own particular character. Trains are a great way to get around in France. You can get pretty much from anywhere to anywhere else by train. For interregional trains, you can book tickets online at