MBA in Supply Chain Management

Graduate MBA Program I 60 ECTS

MBA in Supply Chain Management


Why Supply Chain Management?

It is a management of business activities starting from product or service design, production, warehousing, distribution and logistics. In the same time, planning and management integrate supply and demand, but also communication, facility location and information exchange. Supply chain usually includes suppliers, production, warehouses, distribution centers, transportation system and customers. The success of a supply chain depends on a good coordination of all this elements. Adding to this the uncertainty of demand, dynamic environment, investments in product and process innovations, the supply chain story becomes a great challenge and good opportunity for experts interested in solving this kind of business problems.

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  • Why choose MBA in Supply Chain Management?

    MBA in Supply Chain Management Concentration covers both quantitative and qualitative issues needed to understand and coordinate the whole supply chain system. The students learn how to solve the problems they can face such as the tradeoff in making supply chain decisions, efficient supply chain management, inventory control, demand forecasting and project management while combining the courses and practical knowledge from management, managerial accounting, financial management, logistics, software solutions and quantitative and analytical methods for solving the supply chain optimization problems.

  • Key elements of the program

    The concentration was created following the last world trends from the fields integrating also the Croatian case studies. MBA in Supply Chain Management Concentration lasts two semesters and is completed with the defense of Graduation Thesis totaling in 60 ECTS.

Supply Chain Management

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