DBA program

  • YEAR 1 - Module 1: Critical Thinking in Business Administration

    Location: SHU

    Duration: 1-6 Months (Year 1)

    This module focuses on providing the critical foundations of study at level 8, as well as the expectations of doctoral students and introduction to the philosophical foundations of research, framing research questions and critical thinking. lt is expected that students at the end of this module, with the guidance of their tutor, produce a draft of the introductory chapter of the thesis.

  • YEAR 1 - Module 2: Contemporary Issues in Management

    Location: SHU

    Duration: 6-12 Months (Year 1)

    The purpose of this module is to introduce the current debates and movements within the wider, social, cultural, political, technological and economic world. The purpose of this module is to challenge students’ current thinking and to synthesise how the wider external world impacts their sector and research. At the end of their module and with the support of their personal tutor, students will produce a draft literature review that captures current thinking, practices and orthodoxies within their sector.

  • YEAR 2 - Model 3: Research Approaches and Designs

    Location: SHU

    Duration: 1-6 Months (Year 2)

    This module is designed to develop students’ knowledge of the philosophical and ethical debates that underpin doctoral research and the implications these may have on practice. ln addition, the module will introduce a range of research methods and their suitability for the study of various contexts. The module will be supported by a number of practical online training programmes and workshops in which students may develop their practical research and analytical skills within the context of their study. The personal tutor will play a pivotal role in supporting and guiding the student through this module. The assignment for this module will consist of a draft methodology chapter.

  • Module 3: RD2 Preparation

    Upon the successful completion of the three complementary studies modules between months 18-24, students will work exclusively with their supervisor in developing and generating their RD2 Presentation and Accompanying Report. This time gives students the opportunity to reflect on their journey and to consider how their initial proposal has developed or altered after the complimentary phase. The presentation will be made to the wider student body but will be assessed by two rapporteurs and the chair of the event. This stage also acts as a check to ensure that the ethical approval sought is appropriate and the Research Development Framework has been completed and reflects the needs of the student and their ability to successfully complete the DBA programme.

  • YEAR 3 & 4 - Fieldwork and Thesis

    Duration: 1-24 Months (Year 3 & 4)

    Upon the successful completion of the RD2, students will be allocated their full supervisory team to support them through the research phase of the DBA.