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The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences and community higher professional education institute with its campuses located in and around The Hague in the Randstad metropolitan region in the southern Netherlands.

The institution is made up of 14 academies. Bachelor’s degrees are the institution’s core business with 42 full-time undergraduate degrees, 21 part-time (nine taught in English) and 10 dual bachelors courses. The university also offers nine masters degrees (three taught in English) and currently teaches around 23,400 students. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is known for the international characteristic of its student population with around 146 nationalities represented on campus. It operates partnerships with companies, public bodies and other organizations in the Haaglanden region, as well as international institutions. The university also offers English proficiency training through its English Language Preparatory School, work placements and international exchanges as part of its international remit.

The Country

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, in which the House of Orange, currently headed by King Willem Alexander, plays a largely symbolic role. However, there is great public enthusiasm for the traditions associated with the monarchy, such as King’s Day on 27 April, when the whole country takes to the streets decked out in orange for a gigantic party. Much the same is true when the national football team does well, such as the last World Cup. The Dutch combine history and traditional culture with innovation, modernism and an international outlook. Thanks to successful export, industries and major multinationals like Philips, ING, Unilever and Akzo Nobel, the Netherlands is more important than the size on the map would suggest. The Netherlands has long been open to people of non-Dutch origin, historically attracted by freedom of thought and religion as well as commerce. Today it is home to over 190 different nationalities. This cultural diversity has made it a place where knowledge, ideas and cultures from all over the world come together. Another distinctive characteristic of the Dutch is their openness in personal interaction and direct manner of acting and speaking.

The City

The city is diverse – not only is The Hague a great place to study – it’s a buzzing business city with a political and diplomatic heart. The Hague is a city of global stature, despite its relatively small size. As the home of the International Criminal Court, Peace Palace, War Crimes Tribunal and Europol, it’s rightly known as an International City of Peace, Justice and Security. It’s also the political capital of the Netherlands, and the home to our Royal family. But it’s a city for day-to-day life, too – with the benefits of a big city, but a small town feel. You can wander the streets, soaking up all the wonderful historic architecture as you follow in the footsteps of Mondriaan and Vermeer. Or you can sit on the sandy beaches, soaking up the sun or gazing out over the water. The Hague is also a business hub – it holds Europe’s largest port and two international airports. Many international companies and organizations are based here – like Shell and Siemens. The Hague has a typically moderate climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

Student Life

With its international focus and busy cultural calendar – life in The Hague is never dull. Eat out in the cheap cafés or visit one of our galleries or museums.

Estimated Expenses

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Semester at ZSEM

Semester at The Hague University

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287 EUR

469 EUR


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The Hague University of Applied Sciences realizes that it may be difficult to arrange housing on your own and has therefore developed procedures to arrange this for most of its international students.

Travel Opportunities

The Hague is located 25km north-west of Rotterdam and the nearest airport is Rotterdam Airport, but daily flights are limited to London and Hamburg. The other flights are mostly holiday destinations in the Alps or the Mediterranean.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main international airport is only 45 km away (about 30 min by train). The Hague train station is served by the Thalys bullet train to Brussels (2 h) and Paris (3 h 30 min). There are frequent regular trains to Amsterdam (45 min to 1 h), Leiden (15 min), Delft (15 min), Gouda (20 min), Rotterdam (25 min), Ultrecth (40 min), and so on.