10 May 2018

ZSEM in the final round of CFA challenge in Dublin

Our team of students Matko Hrvatin, Lovro Toljan, Damir Kopljar and Mirko Prodan, presented their research results and convincingly won the local round of the 2018 CFA Institute Challenge in Slovenia. After that, they went on to compete in the regional round for Europe, which was held on April 4-5 in Dublin, where they made it to the finals. This testifies of their excellence, given that the competition was mostly made up of graduate students. ZSEM is exceptionally proud of this group of students, who were mentored by Tomislav Bajić from AZ Fund and Professor Ana Rauker throughout the competition.

The CFA team of ZSEM was featured in a HRT report. Take a look at here (minute 5:16).