The New Europe Business Forum - a panel of world leaders in Zagreb

The New Europe Business Forum – a panel of world leaders in Zagreb

The New Europe Business Forum, an international conference organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, was held on the 19th and 20th of May 2016, at ZSEM and the Music Academy of Zagreb with the support of its business partners – BNP Paribas, Barclays and KPMG.

The meeting was opened by the Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić, PhD and the speakers were moderated by the Vice Dean Mato Njavro, PhD. The goal of the Forum is to gather world leaders from different fields (business, politics, science, sport and art) and bring them closer to the Croatian business community, but also excellent students from Croatia and worldwide. The Forum provides a place for the exchange of progressive ideas that question the status quo way of thinking.

The theme of the Forum was: ”Small is beautiful: How small and successful countries compete in a globalized and interconnected world?”

Renowned speakers such as George Yea, Arthur Brice, Pete Radovich, Valentine Antill and others discussed how:

– Can a small country with no natural resources compete effectively in today’s globalized world?

– What economic and social policies are behind some of the most successful small countries in the world?

– The role of the state in the success of small countries

– What is the role of the private sectors in the success of small countries?

The forum was covered by all national channels in their central news programs. The next date of the meeting has been set for the 19th of May 2017.

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