19 June 2019

The First Generation of Students in Business Mathematics and Economics

Successful generation

This year, the first generation of business mathematics and economics students completed the study. We are proud of our students and wish them success in further education, we bring you their stories and plans to continue ...
Marija Vašarević: I have been accepted as a Master in Mathematics and Finance at the University of Essex, UK.
Mirna Lazarić: I have been accepted as a Master in Finance at Trinity College, Dublin Ireland.
Karla Tomić: My plan is to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management.
Martina Ambrušec: I am employed by the Institute for Tourism as an intern.
Mile Grbavac: My plan is to go back to Los Angeles, California (USA) and apply for the MBA program in the future.
Sunčica Mišlov: I have been accepted to the Master in Finance at Southampton University, UK.
Mia Barbara Lacković: I have been accepted to the Master Study in Quantitative Finance at Bologna University in Italy.
Darija Bošnjak: I have been accepted to the Vienna University of Economics and Business, WU - Wirtschafts Universität Wien, Master in Supply Chain Management
Barbara Brzić: My plan is to continue my education at ZSEM.