14 July 2016



ZSEM – BUSINESS ACADEMY 8-9 September, 2016 organizes a seminar DEVELOPING NEW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (advanced level) on the topic – understand the needs of your customer and designing their future experiences.

Specifically, the seminar aims to:

• Analyze customers’ rational and emotional needs and their overall experience with the firm
• Practice “looking through the eyes” of your customers
• Develop a customer journey and identify points for improvement during its implementation
• Practice how to develop new experiences for specific customers, market trends and business objectives
• Train different experience design tools such as stakeholder map, mood maps or personas
• Discuss how different media channels support achieving business goals


• Look through your customers’ eyes to identify their ‘heart’ and ‘head’ needs and other stakeholders that influence customers’ decisions
• Create their own customer journey for selected activities and detect the most important touchpoints with the firm
• Combine trends with customer personas to address business objectives


This program is designed for professionals who work in management, marketing, market research, innovation, sales or service, who look for gaining comprehensive and structured insights into customer experience design. It is ideal for anybody intending to develop a broad expertise in frameworks and tools to design better customer experiences.
The seminar extends the first part as performed in 2015. Fundamentals are repeated and practiced to allow new participants, but also more advanced insights and tools are included.

We have developed a seminar that is learner-centred, stimulating participants’ attention and creativity. By combining various teaching methods such as presentation, case study discussion, individual exercises and group work, the seminar improves participants’ conceptual and hands-on knowledge. Learning through participation, involvement and fun are the key marks of the seminar.

Dr. Dominik Mahr combines practical experience with state-of-the-art research. He is currently Associate Professor for Strategic Marketing & Innovation Management at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, and Scientific Director of the Service Science Factory. It integrates research, education and business practice of service innovation and service design to unlock new revenue streams and increase competitiveness.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Mahr worked for several years in different management and marketing consultancies, operating in industries such as high tech, automotive, real estate, tourism, and insurance. He has retained close links with several leading high tech firms and industry associations in Europe and the US. Among other firm he has worked with Microsoft, ING Bank, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson and IBM.
He holds a Master’s degree in Service Management from Karlstad University (Sweden), a Master’s in Economics from the University in Mainz (Germany), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). During his time in the academia he has been affiliated with universities in Poland (Warsaw School of Economics) and the United States (University of Wisconsin–Madison).