Research with the help of modern "Eye-tracking" technology

Encouraged by recent events related to regulating the way in which products are labeled in the EU and the desire to facilitate consumers’ choice of quality foods, ZSEM has demonstrated the impact of a different way of showing the front product composition on the perception of product health and purchasing intent.  The specialty of research is the use of state-of-the-art neuromarketig equipment for consumer research, which enables impartial and objective measurement of product attention  and perception. In co-operation with the Promosapiens Behavioral Marketing Agency, the research was conducted using equipment that tracked and analyzed the views of the research participants while looking at different product images (Eye-tracking). The experimental part of the research lasted for two days, and more than 70 interested ZSEM students participated in it. Research is still ongoing, collecting attitudes of nutritionists is under way. In this context, there are collaborations with nutritionist and PhD student Bojan Stojnić, associations gathering Croatian nutritionists and with the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology. Research lead is our professor of the Consumer Behavior Course, Ph.D. Andrijana Mušura Gabor, emphasized that on the basis of this research ZSEM student David Ban Ostić will write his final work. The research results will be published in a scientific journal and presented at a scientific conference. We look forward to bringing together ZSEM and the Promosapiens Agency, using neuromarketing equipment, attracting the interest of various professions and advisory institutions, and involving students in the whole process. We look forward to announcing the results of the research!