29 March 2017

Professor from St. Ambrose teaches at ZSEM


Ronald Wastyn, PhD, who is the Director of the Master of Organizational Leadership program at the College of Business, St. Ambrose University, spent a week at ZSEM where he held several lectures in courses from the Management Department. In the International Management course, he spoke about leadership and how it differs from effective management. This class was full of interantional students who found the class very interesting and useful. The students raised a lot of interesting issues regarding communication and leadership.

Prof. Ronald Wastyn was also a guest in the Human Resources Management course. He held an interesting and interactive class on communication and training. During the class prof. Wastyn together with the students developed the model of communication. Afterwards they analyzed what kind of training could be considered in order to improve communication in organizations by focusing on different parts of the communication model. This resulted in some very interesting discussions.