17 April 2018

Kristina Šorić, PhD, winner of the DSA Award in 2016

Kristina Šorić, PhD is a winner of the Distinguished Service Award ( DSA)  in 2016 and for that occasion, she gave an interview for the Croatian Operational Research Review. She has been an active member of the Croatian Operational Research Society (CRORS) since the very beginning and a president of the CRORS in two mandates – from 2000 to 2004. In the Interview for the CRORS, she also referred to the current cooperation between operational research and academies in Croatia: “Today many companies want to collaborate with the academic world, but they say how the academy is closed. I think that the academy has to find the way to approach the business practice.Especially today with all these digital issues, the sky is the limit. But the academy has to change the mindset.”

If you want to read the whole interview you can find it here