23 March 2017

Dean Duro Njavro visits AACSB headquarters in Florida

ZSEM’s Dean Duro Njavro visited the headquarters of AACSB in Tampa, Florida (USA) on Tuesday, March 21st. During his visit, he met with leaders of the umbrella organization who are responsible for certifying universities and educational institutions around the world which maintain the highest quality standards in the business world like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, St. Gallen, LBS, ZSEM and others. Only 5% of educational business institutions in the world have this accreditation, whilst there are only 70 accredited institutions in Europe.

Details about the AACSB organization can be found on the organization’s website here.

In the photos: Dean Duro Njavro with Michael Wiemer – Vice President and Chief Officer Americas (Vice President and Chief responsible for the region of North and South America), Robert D. Reid – Executive Vice President and Chief Accreditation Officer (Executive Vice President and Chief charge accreditation) and Dan LeClair – Executive Vice President and Chief strategy and innovation Officer (Executive Vice President and Chief in charge of strategy and innovation).