25 October 2018

6th HEIC Conference held in Dubrovnik

On September 27-28, 2018,  the 6th Higher Education Institutions Conference: “Quality and Governance in Higher Education: Opening New Borders”, organized by ZSEM, was held in Dubrovnik.

The two-day conference included an AACSB Accreditation Workshop led by Tim Mescon (Executive Vice President and Director of AACSB for Europe, Middle East and Africa),  three dynamic panel discussions and interesting presentations of scientific papers . The goal of this conference is to serve as a platform for creating international connections in various academic areas. It also allows sharing of best practices related to areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, technology, management and education. The first panel was held on the topic of innovative financial models, with the participants being Balázs Haveld, Peter Chornitzer and Zoran Barac. The second panel focused on ways in which technology can improve learning, as well as new teaching methods that have a great impact on students. Among the participants were Branka Vuk, Lana Balić Matijašević, Philip Vranešić and Afif Rustom. Sung Joo Park, Rt Good and Kjell R. Knudsen participated in the last panel and discussed redefining the role of higher education institutions in today’s world.

At the HEIC Conference, participants had the opportunity to learn from AACSCB accredited institutions, exchange ideas on improving the quality of management of higher education institutions, and network, while staying in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities of Croatia.