19 July 2019

10 scholarships for study Business Analytics

Won a scholarship to study Business Analytics studies

Number of scholarships: 10 scholarships
Stipendation Criteria:
– The average rating in high school
– The average grade in math in high school
– Results on ZSEM’s Preliminary Exam 22.8.2019.

Necessary documentation:
– A scholarship application
– A copy of the certificate from the first, second and third grade of secondary school

19. 8. 2019. – submission of documentation by post to ZSEM with the indication “For a scholarship for Business Analytics study”
22. 8. 2019 – admission to ZSEM’s entrance examination
23. 8. 2019 – announcement of the results of the competition www.zsem.hr.

Scholarship Fund:
30% of the scholarship discount for 10 students for all four years of study