8 November 2021

ZSEM workshop for young talentns from Franck d.d.!

Our lecturers  Mirna Koričan Lajtman, Ph.D., and Goran Oblaković, Ph.D. held a workshop for young talents from Franck d.d. on the topic “Process optimization and teamwork”.

At the beginning of the workshop, they were greeted by Dean Mato Njavro Ph.D., and Associate Dean for the Graduate MBA program Maja Martinović, Ph.D. who introduced them to the program and its concentrations. Given the growing need for agile business and optimization, the workshop participants were introduced to new trends and terms, and learned through the simulation “Lego Game”.  The teams performed tasks within the simulation and afterward had an active discussion through which they became aware of potential improvements in the workplace!

We are proud to work with Franck d.d. who is also our long-term participant in the ZSEM career fair “Student Future Day”.

We look forward to the new exciting projects with Franck d.d.!

ZŠEM radionica za mlade talente Franck d.d.