ZSEM students won the Paketomat student competition

Students of the third year of the undergraduate study of Economics and Management within the courses Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior worked on the business project Paketomat for the Croatian Post. The students had two months to conduct market research and, based on the results, devise a marketing strategy for Paketomat. Mentors of ZSEM teams, Matea Hanžek and Matej Nakić, selected the three best projects and nominated them for the student competition “Croatian mind to Croatia” where students competed with students from related studies, Business Polytechnic Zagreb and Algebra.

In the fierce competition, the first prize of 10,000 kn was won by ZSEM students Dominik Stašćik, Borna Antolić and Blaž Basar, whose project is based on the idea that Paketomat supports sustainable development and green business, because its use reduces, among other things, the environmental footprint. In addition, in addition to online shopping, these students see the advantage of Paketomat in strengthening the second hand market.

The submitted student papers were evaluated by an expert committee consisting of: two representatives of the Croatian Post (Marijana Miličević, Executive Director of the Office for Marketing and Development and Tino Kera, Director of the Promotion Service), mentors (Halida Sarajlić, University of Algebra; Matea Hanžek and Matej Nakić, ZSEM Sanja Rocco and Neven Šipić, Polytechnic of Zagreb) and Krešimir Macan, Manjgura.

We are glad to be able to add this victory to other victories and awards that many of our students have received in the last 20 years by developing strategies and tactics in the development of marketing plans for specific projects.

Congratulations to our winners, Dominika, Borna and Blaž and their mentors, Mateja and Mateja!

Impressions from the final presentations can be seen here.

Photo by: Tomislav Miletić, Pixsell