21 December 2021

ZSEM Master is selected by the European Commission of the Erasmus Mundus

We are extremely pleased to announce the selection by the European Commission of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship (EMMIE). This Master is aiming at educating the coming generation of entrepreneurs that wish to engage in innovative entrepreneurial projects contributing to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is the fruit of a collaboration between 3 high level institutions from Belgium – HEC U-Liege, Croatia – Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and Lithuania – ISM and more than 10 associated partners.

Erasmus Mundus are a very prestigious Masters programs that attract international students. EMMIE is an 18 months master where students will shift from each partner institution every semester. It is the only existing Erasmus Mundus in the field of Management and Entrepreneurship.


What is EMMIE?

The EMMIE curriculum is built on a 90 ECTS program spread over 18 months and organized by three of the best European Business Schools.  The program is organized into three semesters. The first semester is in Zagreb, the second semester in Vilnius, and the third semester in Liège.

During the first semester in Croatia, participants will get the required basics in General Management. They will develop the key managerial competencies that any would-be entrepreneur should master.

They will move for the second semester to Lithuania to study the key concepts related to the management of technology and innovation. Building core competencies in innovation is essential, since implementing impactful projects requires creativity and innovation.

Participants will finish the curriculum with the 3rd semester in Belgium, at HEC Liège – ULiège. In that final semester, they will acquire the essential competencies that are related to entrepreneurship with a specific slant toward impactful projects.


Who is EMMIE for?

The program is intended for those who want to develop their competencies and create projects that positively impact society and for those who want to be actors in positive change within the community. Applications for the study are open until March 31, 2022, and candidates with a previously completed study program of at least 240 ECTS credits can apply.


EMMIE Scholarship?

EMMIE is an Erasmus Mundus Master Program which means that students can apply for an Erasmus scholarship. The Erasmus scholarship covers the cost of studies in full and the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses during the studies. A scholarship of 13,500 Euros for tuition and 1,400 Euros per month for living expenses is enough to fund study costs fully.

ZSEM has supplemented the existing offer of study programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels with Erasmus Mundus studies, thus positioning itself as a quality international business school that can compare its studies to the best universities Lithuania and Belgium.


More information can be found on the official EMMIE website.