5 October 2021

ZSEM held a lecture on cryptocurrencies at the V. gymnasium

Lecturer Dina Vasić gave an interactive lecture to students of the V. gymnasium on the topic of “Cryptocurrencies.”

Vasić is a full-time Doctoral Candidate at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, and a Senior Lecturer in the Finance and Accounting Department, Zagreb School of Economics and Management. As a full-time faculty member at Zagreb School of Economics and Management since 2008, she has taught various courses at the undergraduate program level, including Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, International Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions. In the 2021-2025 period, she holds the position of President of the Finance Committee of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb and is an active independent representative in the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

The students followed her interesting and interactive lecture with great interest, in which they participated with questions and comments about cryptocurrency trading. They delighted us with their prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies and we were glad to see that at the end of the lecture they had a handful of questions about the regulation of the cryptocurrency market and its future.

We thank the V. gymnasium for hosting us and enabling us to give their students an insight into the way of teaching at ZSEM as well as lecture topics that always follow global trends and innovations, especially those in the financial market.

ZSEM lecture on cryptocurrencies at the V. gymnasium