6 July 2022

ZSEM as a main partner in EIT HEI Initiative

We are proud to be a full partner in the EIT HEI Initiative together with the University of Helsinki, Reutlingen University, Kyiv Academic University, and Vertical on a project 4InnoPipe. We will remodel our academic innovation pipelines from ideation to internationalization, via joining forces, sharing expertise, and pooling resources to boost health and sustainability-based innovations and start-ups.

4InnoPipe takes on this challenge and aims at empowering universities at each stage of their innovation pipelines.

Associated partners around Europe: Technical University of Liberec | AGRIVI | Wespa Spaces | Health Capital Helsinki | INNOPORT Reutlingen | PISAK-Poduzetnički inkubator Sisak | HealthHub | Fil Rouge Capital | SPARK Finland | Ritter Sport