7 February 2024

Chinese New Year reception

On the evening of February 6th, at the gracious invitation of the Chinese Embassy in Croatia, the Dean and all Chinese faculty and students of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (#ZSEM) attended the Chinese New Year Reception. The event, hosted by the embassy, proved to be a vibrant celebration of cultural exchange and friendship between China and Croatia.🇨🇳🇭🇷
Attendees were treated to various performances showcasing Chinese and Croatian culture. Among the highlights were mesmerizing dragon dances, captivating traditional dances from China and Croatia, and other dazzling spectacles that enthralled the audience.

His Excellency, Ambassador Qi Qianjin, warmly engaged with the Dean, faculty, and students of ZSEM, exchanging pleasantries and capturing memorable moments in photographs.
This reception allowed Chinese students in our school to feel the warmth of their motherland in a foreign country.
Furthermore, The reception served as a testament to the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between China and Croatia and the thriving cultural exchange between the two nations. Such events enrich both countries’ cultural fabric and foster greater understanding and appreciation among people from diverse backgrounds.
As the Chinese New Year ushers in a time of renewal and unity, the Chinese New Year Reception provided a fitting occasion for members of ZSEM to come together with representatives of the Chinese Embassy and the broader Chinese & Croatian communities in celebration and camaraderie.✨