Sunčica Žnidar, MA

Sunčica Žnidar

Sunčica Žnidar is a lecturer at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. Since 2011 she has been teaching the subject “Market Research” at the undergraduate study at the Department of Marketing and Tourism. Since 2018, she has been teaching the subject “Marketing Research” in English at the postgraduate MBA program.

She was born in Zagreb on January 19, 1974, where she finished elementary school and high school. In 1998 she graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, majoring in journalism. In 1999 she has enrolled in a specialist postgraduate study of marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.

She has more than 21 years of experience in market research and marketing, first as a researcher at CEMA – Marketing Research Center, since 1999 at GfK – Market Research Center as Head of Consumer Goods Department, and since 2016 at GfK Research Center in the position of Adriatic Client Group Lead, Consumer Goods & Retail. Today, Sunčica works at the Valicon research agency as the Director of Research.

Her work experience covers almost all areas of management of various qualitative and quantitative research projects. Responsible for leading and coordinating the team and managing projects equally towards the end (business-to-customer) and business (business-to-business) users. She is responsible for leading and coordinating international projects within the team. Regional Customer Manager for Consumer Goods and retail.

She gained her first teaching experience at the Public Open University in Zagreb in a training program called Marketing Organizer, where she taught the subject “Market and Market Research”. After that, she taught the subject “Market and Public Opinion Research” at the Zagreb Business School. She has participated in various training in Vienna, Brussels, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, and London.